because the internet needs more cats

This is Max.

Max contemplates life

Max is the Big Cat in the house, about 12 years old, and definitely in charge of his domain. He is confident and proud cat, if slightly past his prime, and he loves his people. Max likes to relax.

Yup, life is pretty goddamn good for the Big Cat.

This is Erma.

I'm okay with second fiddle.

Erma is about 12 years old, and knows she is not the Big Cat. She is neurotic and skittish, but still loves her people. Erma likes to play dead.

I hope that car doesn't run over me.

Max and Erma have reached a mutual understanding about the social order of the house. She has given all authority to Max, and they usually get along just fine.

Ebony and Ivory, or something like that.

This is Opal.


Opal is about 3 months old, and full of energy. Opal likes to play.

everything is a toy for kittens

Opal also likes to challenge the social order of the house. Usually, the Big Cat gets the tuna can first … until now.

What the hell, you little shit? That's supposed to be MY tuna can.

Max is not impressed with Opal’s youthful exuberance, but he still knows he is in charge.

"I see you, but I'm choosing to ignore you." ... "Let's PLAY!!!"

Erma is terrified.


Erma’s entire understanding of the social order has been turned inside-out, and her normally quiet home has become a house of horror. She growls and hisses defensively whenever Opal approaches, and she is too nervous to relax inside the house. Opal just wants to play with Erma.

But Irma, I just want to PLAY!!!!

We expected Erma to tolerate a new kitty better than Max, but the opposite has been true. I’m hoping that their dispute will go away after a month or so, because we don’t want Erma to be so stressed out. Of course there’s nothing we can really do, as the cats have to sort things out for themselves.

(Opal pictures by me; all others by Nicole. Mouse-over for captions.)


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