winners and losers

At the moment we still don’t know who will be president, but it looks like Malarkey Joe will win the vote. That doesn’t mean it’s all over; who knows what kind of malignant chicanery the Trump lawyers will come up with. In addition, in Pennsylvania and Michigan there is the specter of the Republican-led state legislature deciding to reverse the election by appointing an illegitimate set of electors to the Electoral College. Because of the arcane system of choosing the president, and the lack of legislation to protect us against such trickery, this ain’t over by a long shot.

I’m a solid left liberal, but I will criticize the Biden campaign for not working hard enough to discuss the issues facing the country. He made the election about Trump, for or against, and that only served to enrage the Trump cult members. I think Biden should have spent more time talking about what legislation he would propose to help some sectors of the public: working class non-college-educated voters, Latino and Black voters, 50-somethings who will depend on Medicare and Social Security, and everyone concerned about health-care costs. 

Biden might have done better in some of those demographics had the election been about issues people care about. Instead the campaign was all about Trump, and by extension the coronavirus. Yes, the virus is the most important challenge in our generation, but concern over the virus is largely split along party lines, and we see how that plays out.

Finally, many people are hoping the Trump nightmare will end on January 20th, but I don’t believe that will happen. As long as the cult leader has a microphone called Twitter and a press agent called Fox News, he will be able to reach the cult followers from afar. Their ranks are growing and spreading hate and racism and asshole-ism through a country that is slowly becoming more liberal. Obsessed with the culture wars, they will never change their minds.

In the meantime, the rich, ultra-conservative power brokers will continue to use Trumpism as an effective means to justify their oligarchic political agenda. The lower class, the working poor, and minorities throughout the country are the real losers here.


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