more medication changes

I finally decided to make the effort to get an early appointment with my psychiatrist. I let him know my depression has worsened and is persistent, and I wanted off Abilify due to the weight gain. He listened to me (for which I am thankful), and suggested we try Latuda for the bipolar depression. It is an atypical antipsychotic but it works differently than Lamictal (that’s the limit of my knowledge at the moment).

I agreed to try it, despite the known side effects of nausea and possible vomiting. When I read the pamphlet, it said a small percentage of people have weight gain, as opposed to Abilify where everyone blows up. I can’t do any worse at this point.

I am still taking Wellbutrin for depression, but we will probably wean off that as soon as we know if the Latuda will work for me (and if I can afford it).

As I’ve said before, the bipolar changes and fluctuates over time, and stability is a moving target for me. That’s why I don’t believe anyone who says you can “recover” from bipolar. You can’t stop it, you can only hope to contain it.


9 thoughts on “more medication changes

  1. Meghan

    Good for you for taking control. I personally hated Abilify. I felt great, but my weight ballooned to the point where I’m still trying to get it off 4 years later. I hope you get the relief that you need.

    1. Restless? I never though about that as being a side effect of Abilify, but maybe I had that also. I move my feet, legs, hands, and tap things, etc. I will see if those effects decrease or stop.

  2. wanderingbipolarbear

    Ughh weight gain from the meds is terrible. Lamictal was fine until it gave me a rash and Latuda made me manic. Such is med life, works differently in everyone. Hope it’s all working out for you! May 2021 be a stable medication year for you!

    1. Latuda hasn’t made me manic, but it makes me sleepy, and it gives me nausea if I don’t eat enough food with it. I haven’t thrown up yet, so I guess that’s a positive!

      1. wanderingbipolarbear

        I’m glad your having a much better experience with it. My second cousin who has bipolar says he does chocolate milk (just milk and Hershey’s syrup) before bed to combat the med nausea , and I find it actually helps.

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