put another record on

We went to the Genesis concert in Cleveland on Tuesday night. It was a good show, and I’m glad I was there. At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go, but I knew I had to. They’ve been my favorite band forever, and this is definitely the last tour. 

It’s like visiting old relatives for the holidays; they tell the same stories, sometimes leaving out parts you remember from before, but you listen anyway because you grew up with those memories, and you may not get to see them again. 

Phil Collins’ performance was mostly good, but there were a few moments that were a little painful to watch. He sat in a chair for the show, and he kept adjusting his position as if he was in significant pain. He forgot the words a couple of times, and his voice was a little weak at the beginning of the show. But he got stronger as the show progressed, and he was having fun with the crowd just like in the old days.

The other members are doing well enough at their age to have a good show night after night. Tony Banks just barely cracked a little smile during a long ovation. Mike Rutherford and Daryl Steurmer were solid as usual. Finally, Phil’s son Nic was a beast on the drums. 

The crowd took a little while to warm up, but got more into the show as it went on. Everyone cheered, some people got drunk or high, and a few people had a few tears (not me, because I’m dead inside). 

It was definitely bittersweet, but I’m glad I got to see them one more time.

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