I want to write a short note to my oldest friend Lisa. We haven’t talked or written in several years, most likely due to my mental health and the realization that I was using her as a therapist rather than a friend. I miss being friends with her, and I want to tell her so.

I’m doing this for the right reasons. I have dealt with whatever feelings I had about her in the past. I’m in a much better place now, and secure enough emotionally that I can have an appropriate old-friend relationship. I can communicate with her without oversharing or unloading everything that is on my mind. [That’s what this blog is for.]

What do I hope to get from this? I have no expectations, and I certainly don’t want to make a mess of things again. I just want to talk with her and share a few good memories.

I’m hesitant though, because she might not be interested in what I have to say. She might tell me to go to hell, or even worse, just ignore me. However, she might say that she has missed me too, and that I shouldn’t worry so much. I think she will be gracious and understanding, no matter what she says.

It’s a risk, but I think I want to take the chance. Do you think this is a good idea?


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