liar liar

A remarkable political event happened in Britain in the past week or so. The Conservatives didn’t lie about their economic plans to lower taxes on the rich. They told the truth, and they were crucified for it. The public saw the naked truth, and they understood the consequences for their nation’s economy.

Today the Cons backtracked on their public admission that they will reduce taxes for the wealthy, but you know that their plans haven’t changed. They will attempt to do it quietly while implementing their schemes.  I hope that the liberal parties will continue to call attention to their plans until the next election.

The Conservative politicians said “we heard the people”, but they really meant that they realized they can’t be honest ever again. That’s something the American Republican Party learned long ago. If you want to reward the rich, you have to lie about it, then confuse the masses with culture-war issues so that you can get elected anyway.

Why do I care about British politics anyway? I guess the country fascinates me. I would love to visit someday, although I suppose I’ll need a shirt that says “I’m not that kind of American” so nobody spits in my ale.


One thought on “liar liar

  1. …I think you can get away with being a Yank in the UK these days. Just expect a lot of questions about Trump. But you could always go disguised as a Canadian.

    I think the stock market crashing, when Liz Truss announced her massive tax cuts for the wealthy, had more to do with the backtracking than the people shouting in the streets. They’ll try again. It’s all Conservative politicians know: taxes bad, and eventually the wealthy will let it all trickle down.

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