secret world

There’s something very powerful when you have a secret. It’s like a little piece of yourself you keep private, hidden from everyone who thinks they have you figured out. Sometimes it’s just bursting inside you because you want to tell everyone, or maybe just one special person, but you know you have to wait until the time is right.

Secrets can be light-hearted, mean-spirited, or simply dangerous. Secrets shared can build trust, or tear it down. Secrets can win wars or destroy nations. A secret can be a weapon of revenge or a key to freedom. Sometimes secrets are taken to the grave.

A secret can be something only you know about someone else, and they don’t realize it. It could be a decision you’ve made but not told anyone about. Your secret could be something joyous that will make someone else happy when you tell them. It could send someone into the depths of misery.

The wrong secrets can be damaging to your mental health. All your foibles and crimes hidden in the past, fear and shame locked away in your mental attic, embarrassment and self-hatred concealed just beneath the surface. The stealth and deception eat away at your psyche until a breaking point is reached.

The best secrets are when you have something planned for yourself, something positive or uplifting, which will make all the difference in your life. Maybe you have finally had enough abuse or overwork, or maybe you’re just tired of the situation and you know you can do better.

Some toxic person who thinks they can take advantage of you just like before. A lover who sees no problem with continuing to manipulate you. A boss who thinks you will continue to carry the overwhelming load like you always have. An old friend that thinks she knows you well enough to take your relationship for granted. Guess what, people, I’ve got a little surprise for you.

What secrets do you have? Tell me a good one.

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