another two out of three

I’m not sure what happened with the sudden emotional dip after returning from vacation, but I’ve been better lately. I think the emotional dysregulation is associated with my ADHD, and changing my ADHD medicine didn’t help. I thought the extended release guanfacine wasn’t going to work out, but now I think it’s working pretty well. I had a good week at work, despite being handed yet another high-priority, time-sensitive project. I was able to concentrate for long periods and get a lot of quality work done, which always helps my mood.

I feel a little better about the upcoming job interview than I did previously. I have a couple more days to prepare, so I’m studying the engineering manual detailing the job’s role and responsibilities. If I am familiar with the program elements, I might be able to speak with more confidence. Of course I also have to deal with the stupid STAR questions (“Tell me about a time when you …”) and tell them why I would be the right choice. I am much better at conversation-style interviews rather than the structured format, but I’ll be okay. In this case I have nothing to lose, because I really want the new position, but I already have a good job (even though I don’t enjoy it anymore). A change would be really good for me right now, so fingers crossed.

The next few weeks will be stressful for both work and personal reasons. On successive Mondays, I will have the job interview, a dentist appointment, and a colonoscopy. Being sedated for two out of three ain’t bad.


2 thoughts on “another two out of three

  1. Meghan

    I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I’m glad the medication is working a little better.

    STAR questions are the worst. Everyone bullshits them, and it comes down to who can make better crap up.

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