at least i’m not bored

And now for a short update.

It’s been a hectic few weeks since I wrote anything. I have lots of things on my mind but haven’t found the time or inclination to put them in writing.

The colonoscopy went fine, although the preparation was one of the more distasteful events of my life. I have bathroom issues anyway, so I’ll just say it was quite unpleasant and leave it there. Once the procedure was over, the doctor said he didn’t see anything of concern, and he’ll see me in 10 years. I had all the Seinfeld “ASSMAN” jokes ready, but now I just want to put it … behind me.

I still have not heard anything about the job I interviewed for; I might know next week. Not that I need confirmation that I didn’t do well, but as usual I hate the waiting. They already know, so why not tell us?

I have been reading about the possibility of comorbid autism, ADHD, and avoidant personality disorder. I brought this up at therapy, and she seemed to think I was pointlessly looking for possible explanations for my social deficits rather than looking at it through the lens of autism. We didn’t really come to an agreement on this, and I guess it’s okay to have a difference of opinion, but I wish we had reached a consensus. I hope that isn’t a problem going forward.

We are also doing little fixer-upper things around the house to improve the appearance in case we try to relocate. We are thinking about possibly finding a different house to help my daughter have a little more independence and privacy while still being available to help when needed. We need to prepare our finances and our current house so we are ready to act if the right property goes up for sale.


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