about fishrobber

I wanted to write something poignant and eloquent about my life and my purpose for writing this blog, but all I have is jumbled words and broken metaphors. Maybe that should have been the name of the blog, but the title Swimming Upstream represents the constant struggle to live my life while fighting mental illness.

I have had bipolar disorder since I was about 12 years old, and depression of varying intensity since I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. I take medication for the bipolar and depression, and sometimes it works. In the past several years I have had increasing social anxiety and avoidant tendencies, which get worse during manic spells. I had an abusive childhood, which made the depression worse and has left emotional scars which are only now beginning to fade.

Despite these challenges, I manage to work full-time at a relatively important and challenging job. This job provides me with little satisfaction or fulfillment, but it comes with health insurance, which allows my daughter and I to get the treatment we need.

I don’t want to define myself by my mental health, because I am more than that. I am 40-something, married 20+ years, and father to two kids young adults. I am (not quite) an engineer with a large public utility company; in the past I have been an IT manager, a wetlands ecologist and a long-haul truck driver. In my spare time I’m a computer geek, a fan of progressive rock and baseball, a bad-haiku snob, an occasional traveller and hiker, cat lover, and I loathe home improvement projects. I have been blogging for over 12 years, but I haven’t yet figured out what I want to write.

Having said all this, there is so much more to me than I can write in an intro page. Feel free to search or click, or you can ask me anything about myself. You can also e-mail me at fishrobber69 [at] gmail-dot-com.


8 thoughts on “about fishrobber

  1. all i want to say right now is someday i hope you can find a place insid yourself which is safe and where you can love yourself. it ain’t easy cause i’ve tried. and i work on it everyday. i say wtf.

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