cast of characters

This is a list of important people that appear in the blog:

Mrs. Fish, Annie – my wife. She is a couple years younger than me. We’ve been married over 25 years (yes, we got married way too young). She was a day care provider for many years, but is now pursuing her own house cleaning business. She almost finished a 2-year degree in college (child development). She has put up with my shit for a long time; anyone else would have left me several years ago when I was extremely volatile. She works harder than anyone I know, except maybe for her dad. She tends to bottle up her feelings, but eventually she gets mad and starts cleaning.

Nicole, Nikki – my daughter, 20 years old, and complicated. Previously diagnosed with Bipolar NOS, then major depression and generalized anxiety disorder, and now schizoaffective disorder with anxiety. Her illness almost wiped out her senior year of high school and has caused her to abandon hopes of starting college. She is very intelligent, despite her lack of accomplishments; she is intuitive and insightful and philosophical. However she struggles with many mental tasks like reading or carrying on conversations, and she loses focus and gets distracted very easily. She stopped believing in Santa and the Easter Bunny way before the other kids, and she is an atheist (no I didn’t push it on her). [more]

Daniel, Dan – my son, 24 years old, and as completely opposite Nicole as possible. He has the calmest personality, sometimes too calm to the point of being withdrawn. After living at home for an extra 5 years, he has moved to North Carolina to try life on his own. He was a very dedicated Christian, but he has recovered and is currently non-practicing. He has no interest in romance at the moment, but he would probably find someone if he tried. He almost finished a 2-year degree in computer video and animation, which has proved to be useless thus far because all the jobs he wants are in Asia. [more]

Fish-in-laws – Annie’s parents. They moved from Hippieville to Ohio in 2013, partly to be here with us, and partly to get away from other family (the Goat Family, see below). They are both in their 70s, mostly retired but still working a part-time job together. They have occasional health problems, but they are pretty well for their age. They are both stubborn as hell, but in a good way. I have a ton of love and respect for them, and gratitude for all they have done for me in the past. [more]

The Goat Family – Annie’s sister Melissa; her husband Jack; their kids Rose, Danni, Brieanna, and Tyson; and a herd of goats. They also have four older kids: Sara, Billy, Paul (who served in Iraq) and Donna (who has bounced between addiction and jobs and boyfriends). All 8 kids were adopted by Melissa and Jack; Sara, Billy, and Brieanna have the same mother; Paul and Donna are brother and sister; Sara, Billy, Rose, and Donna have significant mental health issues including bipolar, ADHD, OCD, and possible sociopathic tendencies (Sara and Billy). They lived in Hippieville for 12 years after we left, but this year they moved here to Ohio, partly to be near us and the Fish-in-laws. They bought a farm with a horse-boarding business and space for the goats. Over the past several years they have become increasingly conservative and fundamentalist Christian, which makes me dislike them a little bit. [more]

Birth Mom, B-mom – She was 16 when I was born, and her conservative military parents were not supportive at all. They insisted she give me up for adoption, and her parents knew someone who knew my a-mom. She never had any more kids (therefore I have no siblings). She currently lives in Georgia and recently got married for the second time. She has ADHD and has been an alcoholic, but has been sober for over 28 years. We met in person for the first time in 2007, and have seen each other several times since then. I was hesitant to create too much of a relationship at first, and I know she wants that badly, but she tends to smother me when we are together. [more]

Adopted Mom, A-mom – she adopted me when I was three days old and she was 35. She never married, although she was close once. She lost her mom when she was 18, and her dad when she was 41; as a result she was often depressed and had a tremendous fear of abandonment. She drank, smoked, and ate too much at various times in her life; she taught me to eat emotionally. She was in a co-dependent relationship with her “roommate/surrogate mother”, the Old Bitch. She was a school bus driver from age 18 until her death. She died from pneumonia when she was 56, and I was 21.

The Old Bitch, or OBsee this post.

Lisa – The Girl Who Saved Christmas, and the first girl I ever loved. We met in junior high, and grew into best friends. We kept in regular contact until about 10 years ago. I believe my bipolar rantings caused her to back away for her own good, and she was right to do so. [more]

Lena – Another girl from high school. We were almost like a couple for a few years, but without benefits. We never quite made it past the friend barrier, but we hung out with each other all the time. I think she had her demons which sometimes didn’t play nice with my demons, and as a result we didn’t always get along well, but we always made up. The final “break-up” was my fault; I was childish and mean and hurtful, and we never made up from that. [more]

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