about this blog

Welcome to my world. This blog is not necessarily a mental health blog, but it is a window into my life with bipolar disorder. My life experience is dominated by my brain chemistry, so it makes sense that everything I write is somehow connected to my mental health. I write a lot about my mood swings, various anxieties, OCD and ADD, brain functioning, and other aspects of my bipolar experience. 

It’s all about me-me-me, but I’m not focused solely on my mental health. I’ll write about work life, family life, travel, music, photography, poetry, and anything else that is on my mind or that seems interesting at the moment. Sometimes my posts reflect the pessimism or anger I frequently feel, but some posts are more light-hearted. I usually avoid current events, politics, or controversial viewpoints because I get enough of those topics in the news and I don’t wish to think about those things more than necessary.

I write for myself, and I write what I choose. I’m not writing to a specific audience, and I’m not sponsored by anyone, but I hope that someone gets a benefit from me sharing my story. I enjoy likes and comments, and I appreciate new followers, but I don’t have to have that feedback to inspire me to keep writing. I have lots of thoughts in my head, and writing helps me to get those thoughts into a form where I can examine them and then put them away. 

I’ve been writing online under multiple names and in several locations since 2004. This current site has been around since 2010, but a couple of years ago I decided to erase most of the old posts and reboot the site. I have all the old posts saved but I rarely look at them because they document some really dark times, and it is usually unhealthy for me to obsess on those times.

Thanks for visiting!