good night, loon

I took a short break from posting. I wrote a lot of words in a short time, most during the middle of the night, but the train stopped when I started getting sleep again. Of course now I’m up again at 2:30, so there you go.

I don’t think I can take Latuda anymore. I think it is responsible for the manic spell, and it made me nauseous every time I took the 80 mg dose. I was also extremely tired after taking it, as I was falling asleep within one hour after taking it (then not sleeping well when I needed to sleep). The 40 mg dose didn’t have these effects, but it also wasn’t relieving the depression. I see my psychiatrist Monday, so I’ll let him know the side effects are too much for me. Maybe I will go with just Wellbutrin and my old friend Lamictal and see what happens. By the way, my psychiatrist made a special appointment time for me after hours, which I really appreciate.

The other news is about my bad back. Nearly two weeks ago I was getting in my car when I felt something move in my spine, and I thought, “that’s not good.” I could hardly get out of the car when I returned due to the knife-like pain in my left side and lower back. I have been to my chiropractor twice, and each time the adjustment only lasted for about a day before the pain returned. He said I may have to return to the decompression table, aka the stretching rack. Whatever works, man. I’ll see him Monday as well, but in the meantime I’m alternating heat and ice.

I was happy to see the inauguration went off without problems. I don’t think there was ever a plan to create a disaster on Wednesday; I think the premeditated plot was for Congress to be stopped and for a hostage situation to ensue during the riot on the 6th. Chilling stories are surfacing in court documents about how some of the mob weren’t rioting, but moving purposefully around the capitol searching for a way to get to the legislators. Someone with inside information and detailed knowledge of the building (an “unnamed sender,” said the FBI) was sending messages on Facebook telling the hunters exactly where everyone was located. Speculation about one congresswoman had been rampant, but if the FBI knows anything, they aren’t revealing it yet. I think the true story of the riot will come out, eventually, and hopefully people go to prison for a long time.

Finally, someone recorded 200+ hits on my blog Thursday. Either someone really appreciates my posts, or a bot crawled my site. I don’t know how WordPress’ stats work when the bots come to visit, so I can’t explain the spike. I only have 57 posts, so I don’t see why a human would generate that many hits. If you did, however, say hi.

Over and out.

welcome to new followers

I have had several new followers on the site recently, and I wanted to say Thank You! As I’ve said before, I write for myself and my own blog therapy. However, it makes me feel better when other people get something out of my writing, either a shared experience or empathy or just the knowledge that other people have the same problems. I appreciate when a new follower sends a meaningful comment or even just a like, because despite being a hopeless introvert, deep down I enjoy connecting with people who can understand the mess that bipolar can make of your life. So again thank you for following, and even if I don’t reply directly right away, I will say hi when I get a chance. 

On the other hand, the bots, spammers, and click-bait sites that randomly like a post or follow my blog are not welcome. I’m sure you have had them also, sites like “HealthTips Now!” and “StarLinkⓇ” and “ImproveBiz4You” which apparently troll WordPress blogs and have the ability to like and follow without anyone actually reading your post. I’m sure the only reason for this is to make me click out of curiosity, driving their stats and making them advertising money, which irritates me. I wish WordPress had better control over this problem. Apparently you can install plugins to help if you pay for a domain name rather than just having a free blog name, but I can’t justify the expense.

To summarize: real people, welcome; bots, piss off.

[update: within 20 minutes of posting, I had another 2 clickbait sites follow me.]