it’s all relative

We have had relatives and their goats staying with us since Christmas Day, as they have moved to Ohio from our old town in California. Yes, I said goats. They were supposed to move into a rental house that I had found them, but the house was unlivable. [Why would the owner offer the house for rent with problems that preclude a renter from turning on the water and living there? But that’s another story.] The result is that they will be staying with us for much longer than I anticipated, or until they can find a place to buy I guess.

The problem is that Mrs. Fish and I are very much introverted people, and we need quiet, alone time to recharge and face the next day. The relatives are not that way, and in particular they like to talk constantly. He loves to talk about people I don’t know and don’t care about, and issues I don’t care about discussing (because I disagree on most everything he believes in). This morning he was READING FACEBOOK MEMES TO ME!! Fucking hell, please just shut the trap for a few minutes and let me relax in my own house! It has been very stressful for me, and probably so for my wife as well.

It is nearly impossible to get a break from them to just be alone. I am using some of this precious time right now to shop for food (for them) and relax. At least my wife got to go to work today, although she is having a tough time because her back is injured. She is too stubborn to stop working for a while, and she is obsessed with making money we don’t need (until my daughter decides she needs to visit the hospital again, but that’s another story).

I had planned on taking a vacation day tomorrow, but I’m not going to. I would rather be at work and be around people who don’t talk to me as much.