corona fools’ day

Nature has some new plague to run in our streets. – Rush, “Red Tide”

So much suffering, and we are just getting started. Nothing in my lifetime has prepared me for the level of death and economic hardship we will soon face.

I read a lot of history, stuff about wars and depression and dark times, but it is all abstract when it is in the distant past or in far-off places. The loss of life during the Boxing Day tsunami was tremendous, but even that seemed so far away from America.

This will be real, and this will be in our faces every day. We were all New Yorkers after 9/11, but the tragedy will be so much bigger this time, reaching into every city in every state.

I hope it’s not as bad as the models are predicting. But if it hits your family, you don’t give a fuck about the models anymore. You simply join the millions who will suffer and grieve this year.